Automatic And Online Converter For Html Website To WordPress Theme

Create a new theme, then when you get the download page, enter your order number to skip payment and go directly to download.

Your WordPress Theme will be available for download immediately after purchase in ZIP format, ready to be uploaded to your WordPress panel and used on your site.

As web developers, designers, or tinkerers, we are working on websites locally and do not have to have a live URL for use with Theme Matcher. Now you can upload your site without worrying about live hosting version first.

This makes it easy to build a site or modify a template, followed by a WordPress theme. As a result, the theme requires some changes, just edit your HTML locally and upload a new version!

You take a URL, go into Themes Themes, make a few choices about the type of theme you want, then it’s done! Let me show you how it works.

Today I will be using this sample site. This is the prospect of my company’s website and I’m sure a WordPress blog will be available. Since WordPress is the largest and most popular blogging platform, it is a popular choice. The blog is a great way to improve SEO, get more traffic on your site, and add updates and new content to your audience.

The original site could be simple HTML, php, some other framework – It’s not a matter. The most important thing is that my new blog is like the main site. Branding must be consistent and it should not be confused when moving between the blog and the main site.

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