Clean, Friendly Design And Niche Headers Included WordPress Theme

Clean, friendly designs and niche titles including WordPress themes

How can I keep this product at one price?

Socrates has been a one-time fee since 2010. It sells every day and we have many online businesses running on the Socrates theme. We also realize that most digital products with annual support costs will not be renewed. If we really need more revenue to support Socrates, we simply need to add more related benefits or sell another product to our loyal customers. Fair?

Can I use [insert name] plugin in Socrates?

Yes, if you have an invalid extension, please let us know. There are 1000 plugins so you understand we haven’t tested any plugins. Please do not email us to ask if we have a special supplement. You can probably expect … If not, we’ll do it for you. If we cannot solve the problem, we will also refund it.

How Many Domains Can I Set Socrates?
A single license applies to one domain. Unlimited licenses apply to all your personal and customer sites. This is not a vendor or a white sign. If you want to “sell” a website with Socrates, you only need to buy a license for the buyer. Clearly here. You can install on the client site because you assume you are supporting them and maintaining the site. If you sell to an outside buyer, the aid will eventually fall back to us.

Socrates is responding fast?

Yes, Socrates organization is SEO optimized, fast and mobile responsive. We have other courses to help you make Socrates and SEO friendly faster.