Fast & Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme With Landing Page Templates

Fast and successful friendly WordPress theme with landing page template

Is there a show and wide outfit?

You are viewing our demo, just browsing to see all the features, if you want to see more sample pages, check out our FAQ page.

Yes, if you are not a fan of box containers, we also have a comprehensive planning. We also have “proper title navigation” and “partial” templates to create a more unique look.

If I’m already a customer, do I need to buy it?

If you bought a previous version of Socrates, you can download Socrates for free. Just log in to the membership area.

Do I need web hosting?

Yes. You need your own domain and hosting to use advanced WordPress themes. We recommend Siteground and they will even move your website for you.

I bought Socrates when I first came out. This is the cornerstone of my WordPress theme. This is pure code, the website I get is very fast and it is easy to customize.

Finally, unparalleled great support in my experience makes it an indispensable tool for marketing tools. So, if you’re reading this article … then buy it … Come and thank me later!

Love Socrates theme! This is a theme I’ve been looking for and waiting for. I have purchased other customizable themes and always use a user interface. This is easy. You are a genius!

Thanks to this topic I will recommend it to everyone.

I use it on about 4 websites now and the fact that I don’t have to waste time filling my theme. I certainly can’t say the Socratic theme. I don’t know if it’s great!