How To Maintain The Website After Online?

Maybe it is because the website has just been launched, or due to the technical capabilities of the website builder, most of the original design of the website is not perfect, and there will be some defects, which need to be determined according to the needs of users in the future, combined with SEO optimization technology, Continuously improve the website and maintain its structure accordingly. Of course, the maintenance work we are discussing here is to modify some small details.

The large structure of the website should not be easily changed, because once the structure of the website changes frequently, it will have a bad side for users and search engines, so the traffic and weight of the local website will have a downward trend.

The development of an enterprise is definitely not a transient moment. It must be long-term. Once the website construction is completed, the enterprise should set up a special person or a special post to engage in the service and feedback processing of the website, so as to increase the user’s stickiness.

Once the customer has a problem, provide the company with various feedback forms, purchased products, or leave a message on the company’s message board.If the company fails to process and follow up in time, it will not only lose the opportunity, but also give the company The image is so bad that customers will no longer trust your website or follow your website from now on.