Instant Add A WordPress Blog To Your Website Without Doing A Redesign

Add blogs to your website without redesigning! Theme Matcher will help you quickly integrate blogs to increase sales.

Give your customers WordPress themes faster, cheaper and easier than ever. No WordPress experience is required.

Guide your blog to match your fashion landing page in seconds. Don’t waste precious time creating custom WordPress themes!

You enter a page as a “template” and we use it to create a WordPress theme. You can then create as many posts and pages as you like in the WordPress dashboard. Each page will have the same look and feel based on the template page you choose.Code quality is a growing problem in the WordPress community and is very important for security and maintenance topics. All of our themes come from a custom foundation that we have been continually optimizing since 2012. This means you get the benefits of a highly sophisticated theme and the unique design of your own website.

All HTML outside of the area you selected remains the same. This means your menus and links will still run completely and link back to existing pages. You can add widgets to WordPress so that users can browse your blog.Create a new topic, then when you reach the download page, enter your order number to skip the payment and download it directly.

This makes it easy to build a website or modify a template and then quickly convert it to a WordPress theme. If the generated theme requires some changes, just edit the HTML locally and upload the new version!

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